love and math

our love the only variable

geography the only factor

the beat of your heart upon my breast

the only thing i know

or need to know



airport bound, i look

at the lines around your eyes

tired, beautiful


you rise with the sky

fly home, to the desert where

heart and life resides


i watch planes lift off

gliding upwards into sky

my heart goes up


slight lines cross your face

mapping these trajectories

around your eyes



the difference: four love haiku

the difference between

feeling a part and falling

apart is a word


the difference between 

being seen and understood

your eyes recognize


the difference between

being heard and being hurt 

is just a word


i still recognize

your eyes in mine, your smell on

me, your touch burns skin

Love, Actually: Four Haiku

something less like life

and more like this, the richness

of your soft brown skin


more like heartache, less

like heartbreak, the depths of which

i’d die to venture in


something more like soul

and less like woe, something i will

only hope to know


it wasn’t fair or

kind or nice or sweet, but it

was love, actually

Love Poem for the Ages: Three Haiku

I love the place your

heart resides (with me, alight–

and alive) in mine


I love the way your

eyes align (with me, alight–

and alive) in mine


I love the way your 

life ignites (with me, alight–

and alive) in mine

All of Me: Four Love Haiku

your eyes are not mine

but in them i see myself

my heart, mind, body


your hands are not mine

but when they rest upon me

I am only yours


your heart is not mine

but when I feel it beating

my own heart must sing


your life is not mine

but when you bind yours with mine

you have all of me