take these hands, love: three haiku


take these hands and bind

them to your body: tether

your life, love, by mine


take this body and bind

it to your life: render

your world, love, to mine


take that love and bind

it to your world. offer

your hands, love, with mine


Two Hearts: Love Haiku

at no time did I

imagine that we’d be here

together, apart


I did not expect

that your heart would be mine, that

I would have your heart


Hunger, Thirst and Yearning: Haiku of Desire and Fulfillment

hungry for your time

and attention, affection

undivided and free


thirsting for your touch

and energy, your calm cool

hand smooth upon me


yearning for your words

your voice reverberating

sounds are all the same


take what you will now

give me what you want to feel

call me by my name

Haiku of Love and Death, Loss and Gain

if you should die and 

leave me here, your death will not

be a departure


“so sorry for your

loss”, they’ll say, but i know: there

is no other way


one of us is bound

to go before the other,

but no one is lost


life is change, and yet

death is neither threat nor loss

our love was my gain